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10 Things I learned from.....

February 11th, 2008 at 12:52 am

My grandparents.
1. save money and pay cash as much as possible
2. raise a garden and preserve the harvest - have a well-stocked pantry
3. work hard and be honest
4. other people have feelings, too
5. go to church and pray often
6. always do the best you can and don't fret if you fail.
7. everything you do has consequences, good or bad
8. study hard and finish school (they didn't have this luxury)
9. don't be afraid to ask for help from others
10. always plan for the future

They all were teenagers/young adults during the Depression. They lived below their means and didn't trust banks much. They were all willing to help others when they were in need and read their Bibles everyday.
My maternal grandfather built their retirement home mostly from leftover/removed materials from his construction business. He raised a huge garden every year. He heated his home with a wood burning stove.
My paternal grandfather did have electricity in his home, but not indoor plumbing. They cooked on an old wood kitchen stove and heated with wood & coal also.
Actually I have an 11th thing I learned: all the luxuries we take for granted, I know I can live without if it ever comes to that.

3 Responses to “10 Things I learned from.....”

  1. JanH Says:

    Now, THAT'S a set of rules to live by!

  2. nance Says:

    My grandparents sound a lot like yours. My grandfather also said he'd rather starve than take "charity", and he worked hard, and had a huge garden to make sure they didn't starve.

  3. Lost in debt Says:

    My grandparents were all very frugal and lived by many of the same rules. You have my vote.

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