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Big Lots

January 30th, 2008 at 10:37 pm

Got an e-mail from their site where I registered months ago for ad sneak This e-mail was a surprise - 20% off ANYTHING in the store! Since I have my price book , I took off and ended up spending $28 on shampoo(6 Suave), lotion (3 generic), TP, and printer paper (6 reams). Saved $5 and the prices on these items were lower with this discount than the other stores.

Did have a rude awakening - Big Lots is not always cheaper that other stores sale prices. They also do not take coupons. Frown
Still I go to see what they have since it's on my way. Love their clearance!

Online Coupons

January 28th, 2008 at 09:08 pm

Back in the day (4 teenage sons still at home) we didn't have this wonderful option of online coupons. Now I have been told that one of our two markets will not take them. And it's the one that doubles up to 50 cents! Geezles!
I'm trying to get back in the swing of it = combining coupons with sales with rebates. Alot easier, it seems, 'back then' but I know the rebates are scarce and that's why I started lagging on them in the first place.

Have to return my books to the library tomorrow and I think I'll take some extra time and look in the their coupon exchange basket. I got them to start that over 10 years ago and it's going strong! I'm not the only one who takes their unused coupons down to dump them in!

Last night I cut out homemade ornament patterns while watching TV. Will do some more tonight. Want to do each step in bulk so I'm saving time. Making little 'rustic' stars and hearts that hang on trees or pegs. I have way too many 'trinkets' to embellish them with so it isn't immediate cash outlay right now. Just using what I have stashed all over, even in totes in the attic!

Saving aluminum cans and beginning to recycle plastic & newspapers. Our county doesn't extend the 'recycling truck' out here, so it means a trip to town to put it in the recycling dumpster.

January Review

January 27th, 2008 at 09:26 pm

With a review of my finances last month, I am exploring different ways to save/make money. I am self-employed with as Direct Sales Rep but also need other avenues to beef up my retirement funds.
Re-reading 'The Tightwad Gazette' - have had this book for a LONG time and love it!

In my previous working days, I could have saved/invested more $$$ and now regret I didn't.

I have returned to my thrifty ways - not using CC, using coupons & rebates, cutting back on utilities, buying in bulk, cooking from scratch, planning my veggie garden, combining errands to save on gas, sewing crafts to sell in the spring/summer/fall at festivals,and learning from my Amish/Mennonite neighbors!

I don't purchase junk food, household cleaning products (unless free with coupon &/or rebate), or prepared foods.

We have a used bookstore that just opened a couple of months ago. Took my books that I hadn't opened in years down and got a nice price for them in credit. I can now browse for DYI books, pay 1/2 price (the other 1/2 is deducted from credit). Seems like a good idea also for future gifts. My Mom loves J.E.B. Stuart and I'm on the call list for when these come in to give to her. With 5 grandkids, can do the same for their books.

Trying to win family over to having a 'tightwad' Christmas with handmade gifts. Whether they agree or not, that's what they're receiving from me. I love to quilt and am going to try braided rugs this winter to use up even more of the 'scraps' or material I pick up at yard sales by the box. Always have some strange, colorful yardage in them!

We also have a Goodwill opening in the next month or two (can't wait!). And Yard Sale season is coming up shortly! Getting ready for my own yard sale as I am down-sizing and de-cluttering.