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Grocery Shopping

October 2nd, 2008 at 12:07 am

I went into sticker shock yesterday. I save my receipts to keep my price book updated. Thanks to this practice, I calculated our groceries have averaged a 35% increase in prices! More generic brands for me, plus rice, pastas, and dried beans. Even breads - gonna have to make my own again.

Been trying not to watch the stock market or the news much. Just too depressing. Focusing on ways to stretch every $1 I get. At least the weather is cooler this week so the AC is off. Been hanging out my clothes to dry, cooking from scratch, and having more meatless meals. About time for us to go half with another couple on a beef and hog. Nice to have that meat in the freezer. Wonderful price/lb. when you look at it also.

My Direct Sales business has slowed down - just means I'm doing more parties with lower sales averages.

Have some very good friends who have let me pick apples, given me tomatoes and beans. Yep, canned as much as I could. Made the apples into slices for pie filling, fried pies, fried apples. Next basket is going to be applesauce and apple butter.

We have an Amish-owned grocery salvage store just minutes from here. Discovered tis past week that they have yellow cornmeal for 42 cents a pound! They will also fill your large containers with flour and sugar when you bring them in. Saves on packaging to toss!

Been using my cloth grocery bags - our Kroger gives us 5 cents for each one used. They also ride better in the car and make for less trips unloading at home.

Starting on making Christmas gifts. Good thing I learned to sew and enjoy it.

Only 12 weekends till Christmas!!!!!!!

3 Responses to “Grocery Shopping”

  1. homebody Says:

    I was shocked at how much cheaper my steel cut oats were in bulk over what I paid in North Carolina which is where I started them. My doctor's nurse called and said my cholesterol was sky high so I had to do something before I got home to California.

  2. thkgranny Says:

    I have a friend in NC that is telling me that their grocery prices are much higher than ours.
    Good luck with that cholesterol!

  3. dmontngrey Says:

    That's really neat about filling the flour and sugar containers!

    Twelve weekends???

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