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January Review

January 27th, 2008 at 09:26 pm

With a review of my finances last month, I am exploring different ways to save/make money. I am self-employed with as Direct Sales Rep but also need other avenues to beef up my retirement funds.
Re-reading 'The Tightwad Gazette' - have had this book for a LONG time and love it!

In my previous working days, I could have saved/invested more $$$ and now regret I didn't.

I have returned to my thrifty ways - not using CC, using coupons & rebates, cutting back on utilities, buying in bulk, cooking from scratch, planning my veggie garden, combining errands to save on gas, sewing crafts to sell in the spring/summer/fall at festivals,and learning from my Amish/Mennonite neighbors!

I don't purchase junk food, household cleaning products (unless free with coupon &/or rebate), or prepared foods.

We have a used bookstore that just opened a couple of months ago. Took my books that I hadn't opened in years down and got a nice price for them in credit. I can now browse for DYI books, pay 1/2 price (the other 1/2 is deducted from credit). Seems like a good idea also for future gifts. My Mom loves J.E.B. Stuart and I'm on the call list for when these come in to give to her. With 5 grandkids, can do the same for their books.

Trying to win family over to having a 'tightwad' Christmas with handmade gifts. Whether they agree or not, that's what they're receiving from me. I love to quilt and am going to try braided rugs this winter to use up even more of the 'scraps' or material I pick up at yard sales by the box. Always have some strange, colorful yardage in them!

We also have a Goodwill opening in the next month or two (can't wait!). And Yard Sale season is coming up shortly! Getting ready for my own yard sale as I am down-sizing and de-cluttering.

3 Responses to “January Review”

  1. nance Says:

    Hey, welcome!
    I think we have a lot in common, but I am not a sewer, or crafter, but wish I was.
    Sounds like you have a lot of skills that help you lead a "thrifty" life.
    I also love the "Complete Tightwad Gazette" and read the success stories to keep myself motivated. I practically have them memorized!
    Goodwill is also a great source for books, including children's books. Some look like they have never been opened.

  2. Ralph Says:

    Welcome! We can use more tightwads, er, I mean, frugality experts!

  3. Amanda Says:


    My mom picked up three bags FILLED with children's books from Goodwill. Apprently, everyonce and awhile when they get too many on the shelves they sell whole huge bags for like $6. Most of them are in GREAT condition ... and perfect for my little girl.

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