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Online Coupons

January 28th, 2008 at 09:08 pm

Back in the day (4 teenage sons still at home) we didn't have this wonderful option of online coupons. Now I have been told that one of our two markets will not take them. And it's the one that doubles up to 50 cents! Geezles!
I'm trying to get back in the swing of it = combining coupons with sales with rebates. Alot easier, it seems, 'back then' but I know the rebates are scarce and that's why I started lagging on them in the first place.

Have to return my books to the library tomorrow and I think I'll take some extra time and look in the their coupon exchange basket. I got them to start that over 10 years ago and it's going strong! I'm not the only one who takes their unused coupons down to dump them in!

Last night I cut out homemade ornament patterns while watching TV. Will do some more tonight. Want to do each step in bulk so I'm saving time. Making little 'rustic' stars and hearts that hang on trees or pegs. I have way too many 'trinkets' to embellish them with so it isn't immediate cash outlay right now. Just using what I have stashed all over, even in totes in the attic!

Saving aluminum cans and beginning to recycle plastic & newspapers. Our county doesn't extend the 'recycling truck' out here, so it means a trip to town to put it in the recycling dumpster.

3 Responses to “Online Coupons”

  1. Aleta Says:

    That's a great idea about a coupon basket. It's a good way to donate. I don't think that our library does this but I'll ask.

  2. thkgranny Says:

    No harm in asking! I think the big push for me was I brought in a big square basket (I"d purchased at a yard sale for a quarter) and made a little sign to put on it. No expense to them! The basket my library has now was also donated by a coupon user just recently.

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