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Tracking Cpn & Rebate Savings

February 10th, 2008 at 09:57 pm

Set up a sheet in EXCEL. To date, showing a 49% savings using coupons + Kroger Plus card and $54 in rebates ($50 from dishwasher purchase).

Looking at CVS ads and trying to figure out if the 35 mile trip to the nearest one is worth it. I've read about people saving lots of $$$$ shopping there.

We have a Rite Aid here and I'm looking at their One-Check rebates. Should be nice if I can get double-plays on them.

Went to Dollar General the other day looking for their One-Check booklet & didn't see it. They were too busy and short-handed for me to ask. It's on my way to just about every place I go, so I'll check on that again this week.

I'll keep up on the savings tracking - should be a nice boost on those 'down' days. My spirit of [I]beating the grocery game[I] is back. Know it can be done; used to be very successful when all my boys were still at home & teenagers [I]at the same time[I]. Goodness, they could eat!

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